ROTEX-TN Technical Features

  • Single Seal
  • Cartridge type
  • Balanced
  • Independent of Rotation
  • Suitable for Non-Pressure Washing

Working Limits

  • Shaft Dimension: d1=25…100 mm (Other dimensions upon request)
  • Temperature: t=-20…220 °C
  • Pressure for Car/SiC Surface Combination: p1=25 bar Peripheral Velocity:Vg=16 m/s
  • Pressure for SiC/SiC and TuC/SiC Surface Combination
    p1=12 bar Peripheral Velocity Vg=10 m/s
  • Axial Movement : ±1.0 mm, d1 ≥ 75 mm ±1.5 mm


  • Ideally Used
    in Standard Pump Processes – They Are Ideal Seals for Standardization
  • In Centrifugal Pumps, Dynamic Loaded O-Ring Protects Shaft from Damage
  • Long-Life Use
  • Prevents Installation and Assembly Errors
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Dirt and Dust Cannot Damage the Seal During Installation
  • Pre- installed Thanks to the Packing Group, it provides a simple and
    easy installation and the time losses during assembly are reduced
  • Customer-Specific Designable System
  • Single cartridge seal is used in non-pressure washing operations. It is a model with a throat ring.